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Getting shit done since 2015

We hate BS, so we'll give it to you straight, we are a content studio and social media agency and pride ourselves on our ability to craft meaningful, original, content that cuts through the noise. Hailing from big agencies who have worked with brands like Wells Fargo, Trulia, and Southwest, we decided to forge our own path at The Creative Exchange. Our team of strategist, visual producers, copywriters, and community managers know what it takes to make your brand great. We aren't just your agency, we're your strategic partner and we get shit done. And we'll tell ya now, we aren't for everyone.

Ranked No. 3 on Agency Spotter's Top 20 Social Media Agencies of 2018


Company Culture

1. QUALITY & VALUE ARE OF HIGHEST PRIORITY We strive to create value, because that is what people remember.

2. TRANSPARENCY IS KEY We hate red tape, so we've kicked it to the curb and adopted transparency.

3. DOPE CONTENT + MASTERFUL STORYTELLING  We want our content to make people feel. If that is successful, then so are we.





Anna Sullivan


michelle bonham

Account Manager


Jude martinez

Community Manager

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natassja simpson

Junior Designer


Cait Sarazin

Content Manager

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JJ Sangvacharakul

Videography Intern