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The creative exchange


The Creative Exchange is a social media agency based in Raleigh, North Carolina but works with brands and businesses across the nation. 

Too many great brands and businesses either neglect their social media channels because they do not have the time and resources, or they don't know what to promote or share on their channels. Social media and content marketing are the best ways to connect with your customers (and potential customers). Our strategy helps you to dream bigger and connecting better through authentic and creative content that will help you gain the attention you need. 

Our Mission: We will deliver creative solutions and results that everyone can be proud of. Our clients are our most important assets. 

Our Values: We value compassion and honestly when it comes to business and expect the same from you.

Creatives at heart, our team is made up of passionate and driven millennials who are dedicated to making your brand a thought leader in your industry through content and creative social initiatives. We exist to help you succeed.


Anna Sullivan

Founder + Strategist


Charles Etoroma

Creative Director


So as you may have guessed, we do a lot: 

Teach workshops and classes every-so-often. Cook up ideas in our #TCEConceptKitchen. Write cool and informative content on our blog. Offer social media services to small and local businesses. Write social media tips that will help you succeed: #TCEtip. Offer discounted services to deserving businesses. Have a Social Media Toolkit that we are constantly updating. Created The Social Club as a great way for startups and small businesses to utilize our services for an even more affordable rate.



And we do all this for an affordable price:

We work out of co-working spaces to save money on overhead.  Our work is completed by the best, most trusted contractors (experts in their field); this means you are only paying for the actual work and, not for us to dine on your dollar. We use only the best and most necessary tools (and pay yearly), which saves us all money and makes us more time efficient. Speaking of time efficiently, because we have a small and efficient team, we don't have a long line of barriers or a high chain of command that gets in the way of getting things done a little bit faster. 

So, if you want to learn how we can save you both time and money, click the button below.


Organizations that we are a part of:

Shop Local Raleigh       GMA     Triad Local First