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Live Social Media Management




Cohab Space, a new cetner for creativity in the High Point area, is also a year round showroom to a few furntiure brands. During High Point Market, Cohab needed to bring awareness to their new space as well as get buyers and designers into the showroom.



Prior to market, we optimized all their social media channels (see specific channels below) and ran awareness ads targetting those attending High Point Market. During market, we were on-site for 8 days to create live content for each social media account, manage paid advertising campaigns, engaged with followers, and conduscitn social listening. 

Social Media Channels:



*Across all accounts in an 8 day span

  • Total Impressions Gained: 100,000+

  • Total New Followers Gained: 369

  • Total Images/Videos Created: 200+

  • Engagement Rate: 20%

  • Total Ad Spend: $600