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Organic and Paid Content Creation




Felix Gray, as a startup was looking for more brand exposure as well as more diverse and creative imagery for ads that showcased their glasses as clean, stylish and for everyone.



To focus on imagery that focused on two fronts. One being, the holistic visual representation of where one may find their glasses within the home. Although these glasses are for deflecting harming rays from screens we wanted to portray them just as normal glasses that one may find laying around a house or with other items that are worn everyday and that it could easily be a seamless part of your life instead of an extra item. The other front was to utilize a simple and witty visual direction of playing to one's "first day of school," and the excitement of showing off the latest new gear for the school year.




We carefully analyzed their visual strategy and created a coinciding plan to infuse more diversity and focus on the overall story and message of the glasses.