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Social Media Strategy + Community Management

A Member of The Social Club



Tin Roof Teas is interested in growing their brand awareness locally as well as for their e-commerce store, and new products now sold on Amazon. They were looking for guidance for content creation, strategy, and management of their channels. 



They came to us via application into our Social Club program, where we offer a social media strategy, 3 months of community management, content creation, and a $400 total ad spend. For the program, we only manage 3 social media channels. Their channels of choice were Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.



For the three months during their community management period, we saw the following results:

  • 427 followers gained
  • 264 social posts created
  • Engagement
    • Increased Instagram Enagement by 200%
    • Increased Facebook Engagement by 13%
    • Increased Pinterest Engagement by 300%
  • 245k+ total impressions