Chef’s Mandala


Monthly Social Media Management Proposal 


T h e P r o p o s a l

Community Management is the planning, posting, engagement, and reporting of your social media accounts. To maintain an active and relevant page as a company on social media, community management is referred to as an "always on" process to ensure your brand is represented in an appropriate manner, that posts are timely and consistent, customer service issues are taken care of, and your brand is actively engaging with followers and potential customers. 

Social Media Channels Included:  Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest

What this includes (to strategy):

  • Content Creation

    • Utilizing all images on the Chef’s Mandala website as well as curating free images for content as needed. We will also use images to re-create/re-format into videos, graphics, etc. as needed for social media use.

    • 30 total posts written per month (across channels)

      • Organic + Paid: Instagram + Facebook + LinkedIn (Business and Personal)

      • Paid Channels Only: Pinterest

        • We will do an initial set up of all social media channels to fill out the accounts and format them correctly

  • Daily Engagement

    • Managing and engaging with users on your social media accounts on a daily basis, with all messages responded to within 12 hours.

  • Optimization and Improvement

  • Analytics and Reporting

    • We will provide a basic analytics report monthly and a deep dive report every quarter

  • User Post Identification

  • Trending Topic Utilization

  • Social Media Campaigns (as allowed within the parameters of monthly posting)

  • Brand Advocate + Influencer Management

    • We will manage and contract up to 3 influencers on a monthly basis

      • As budget allows and as makes sense - must contribute efficiently to the top of line ROI

  • Paid Ad Management

    • Including $1,800 per month ($10,800 total ad spend for the contract)

      • To be spent on

        • Geotargeted Ads to promote in-store sales

        • National Ads for the US for website traffic and site sign ups

        • Influencer Costs

        • Coupons and Giveaway Item Costs

        • Boosted Posts for Brand Affinity ( Social Post Engagement and Increased Followers)

      • In addition, we will run one Google Ad Word campaign with the $150 gifted spend from Google

  • Tools Included:

    • Loomly

    • Social Insider

    • Bigbangram

    • Social Upgrade

Investment: $3,000 per month for a 6 month contract

Additional Cost

Video Shoot

We would like to create (shoot may be over the span of 2 day shoots) 36 short videos to represent the 12 “magazine articles” written by Stephen on the Chef’s Mandala site. Videos will be shot in different dimensions best suited for the carious social media post types. Videos will be a straight cut shot.

  • 36 videos 

    • 3 videos per article

      • Specific Videos

        • One for IG stories (<10 seconds)

        • One for LinkedIn (20-45 second cuts)

        • One for Instagram/Facebook (15-30 second cuts)

      • Scripts will be created 

  • Shooting Details

    • 2 days - 2 locations (location costs not included if needed)

    • Shooting with a Canon 70D and a Canon 6D 

    • Lighting included

    • Makeup not needed, editing can be handled in post production 

    • Royalty Free Music included - paid music will insure additional fee

Investment: $2,500