Don’t forget Cake

Social Media Management

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It’s impossible to forget cake, especially after tasting Don’t Forget Cake, delicious, portable cake in a jar sold across the US. They were looking for the secret ingredient to up their social media presence a notch, so they came to us for a slice of advice. 



We worked with them to create a brand strategy for their instagram account in order to “let them eat cake”. We worked on visual content creation to organically grow their account and spread the sweet word. We keep it cheeky and light on the gram, because cake is all about the good times, and as far as we’re concerned, cake in the hands (and mouths) of more people makes the world a better place. 



As it turns out, there are plenty of sweet tooths out there, and we’ve found them. We’ve increased Don’t Forget Cake’s engagement by 50%, and their following by 60%, without having to wish upon any candles.