Frequently asked questions


  1. What is your mission?

    1. Our Mission is to create meaningful connections and engaging content that cuts through the constant noise found on social media. We believe that by focusing on the “social” aspect of social media we can and will create the kind of conversions that you deserve.

    2. Our goal for all of our clients is, first and foremost seeing results, aka conversions. We want our clients to be successful in what they do and we know how to get them there via social media. That is why everything we do and create starts with your goals and KPIs.

  2. What does your company value?

    1. What we value, what makes us different, is our focus on these two concepts, real, authentic, connection & valuable content. We value the “social,” component, first and media second, and that helps to guide how we market as well as the content that we produce. In a digital landscape that continues to get more and more crowded with noise, the value lies in listening, and finding specific avenues to add value to your audiences.

    2. How Do you distinguish yourself from other agencies?

      1. We value the power of social media and don’t believe it’s just a marketing tool; it’s a lifestyle, born from the very fabric of who you are. We have embraced this simple truth and acquired the skills necessary to get the conversions you want. We also believe that specialization is key. We focus only on social media and that focus makes us really good at what we do, we promise.
        We don’t see you as clients, but as family and when you are family, you always come first.

  3. When did your business get started?

    1. Our company launched in August of 2015, by two founders that had worked, specifically, in the social media industry for 4 years prior; both on the agency side and in-house for brands and businesses. Since then, we have stuck to what we know, social media. And we do it pretty darn well.

  4. What is your approach?

    1. Our approach is based around content marketing. For all of our clients we use social as it was meant to be used, socially. We take each client and build content around their brand with a lifestyle approach to show value to the social media world and how their brand fits in with their life. We not only want to sell your brand, but create communities, offer value through content, evoke emotion, engage followers, and so much more!

    2. Engagement Strategy

      1. This will be in more detail in your social media strategy, but we create content that is engaging organically as well as will promoted through paid ads to specifically gain engagement. Each month, we handle analytics and plan to optimize the content and continue to evolve our approach from what the analytics tell us. For engaging with other accounts, we will be sure to follow the correct accounts for you and engage with accounts that make sense for your company.

    3. Follower Strategy

      1. Similar to the answer above, we will utilize hashtags, paid ads, location tags, tagging other users, etc. to gain attention and new followers. We will also go out and find accounts to engage with that make sense for your company.

    4. Does a lifestyle approach even work for me?

      1. When we take on clients, we make sure it will be a fit for everyone, not only for your type of business, but a culture fit, and we only make sure to take on clients that fit culturally as well as want a more holistic approach to their brand or company.

    5. Creating content

      1. From our strategy and getting to learn your business inside and out, we will create an editorial calendar starting with the general ideas (that covers campaigns, holidays, pop culture, seasons, your own promotions, and then evergreen content topics) and we create those 3 months out (everything can of course be changed or edited). Then  we move to copywriting, selecting the visuals, assigning hashtags, and times to post. You can of course have approval touch points along the entire process. We work through Google Docs then schedule in Hootsuite.

  5. Tell me about your pricing.

    1. We are experts in our field and not your one stop shop for everything social media marketing related, so our prices reflect that. However, we do feel that big marketing agencies overcharge because they are covering for the time they need to learn more about what they are doing and double check their work by multiple team members. Our team is smaller and made of social media experts so it take us a bit less time and “double checking,” since we have ourselves together and know what we are doing. That being said, we price our strategies by value and other projects and work, off an hourly rate.

    2. Do you offer discounts?

        1. Non-Profits

          1. 20% off all services

        2. Member of Shop Local Raleigh, Triad Local First, or GMA

          1. 20% off all project based services

        3. Have attended one of our Skillpop Workshops

          1. 20% off your first service

        4. The Social Club Applicant

          1. 35% off a social media strategy (if not selected to be a part of the program)

    3. Do you have a project minimum?

      1. For projects we currently do not have a minimum, however community management services have a minimum monthly retainer of $600.

    4. What payment types do you accept?

      1. Paypal

      2. Credit/Debit Card (via Stripe)

      3. Cash

      4. Check

      5. Venmo

    5. Do you offer payment plans?

      1. We do offer payment plans. Payment plans must be discussed prior to engaging and approving a project proposal.

  6. Who do you work with?

    1. We specialize in social media and are willing to work with any businesses we see fit or that we foresee success with on social media. However, we specialize in US based companies in the following industries:

      1. Consumer Goods

      2. Food Products/Restaurants

      3. B2B and B2C Services

      4. Tech

      5. Retailers

      6. Apparel Brands

      7. Real Estate

      8. Music

      9. Entrepreneurs

    2. To check out a few of our current and past clients click here.

  7. Tell me about your team.

    1. Our team is full of creatives & social media experts: We are a team of highly creative individuals who are passionate about creating amazing content of value, that won’t just add to the noise of social media. We are experienced in this ever changing world and rest our hats on our ability to adapt quickly and constantly. We have devoted our business to social media, as we value specialization and our dedication to not allowing things to fall through the cracks, unlike other digital agencies that try to offer everything.

  8. Why should we hire you?

    1. If you care about hit and run social media strategies consisting of just sending out a few random social posts or boosting social posts, instead of running real paid ads, then we are not for you––but if you care about finding ways in which to make social media a real focal point in your marketing strategy, then let’s talk. We, very effectively, create content that converts by taking a different approach than most agencies in that we focus on more “lifestyle,” and content marketing approach, which makes your brand bigger than just the product/service that you sell.

    2. How do I know if you are a good fit?

      1. We get it, culture is important and you should be actively attentive to who you bring in. That being said, we are creatives that understand how to balance wild ideas with analytical results. At the end of the day you are more than just a client, you are family and that’s the mindset that we adopt with any and everyone that we work with. We value your time, effort, and money and do our best to represent that with each campaign or strategy we put together. We aren’t afraid to be different run after our “out of the box” ideas.  All we ask is that you run with us.

    3. Why should I hire you (specialists) rather a more broad, digital marketing firm?

      1. Let’s say you were in need of some medical attention for your teeth, you wouldn’t just go to a general doctor to get them fixed, you would go to a dentist, a specialized individual, who knows exactly what they are doing. The same applies here, we are that dentist that can get your social presence nice and clean. The value is in the efficiency and knowledge, but, it’s up to you to take it or leave it. Just take it.

  9. What does client on-boarding look like?

    1. After a prospective client has approved their project and service proposal, they go through an onboarding process including filling out this detailed form and  holding several meetings to cover project timelines, expectations, etc. On our )internal) end, we make sure all of our team members, that will be working on your account, learn your business inside and out before beginning to work. We also make sure all documents, processes, timelines, etc. are in place and organized for easy access for the client as well as our team.

  10. What results can you bring?

    1. Results are dependent on a variety of factors including:

      1. The amount of freedom/creativity you give our team

      2. Your ad spend

      3. Your allowance to let us create content as we outline in our strategy (and not limiting it)

      4. Your dedication to understanding social and letting us do our thing without trying to dictate your own thoughts

    2. What is the ROI of social media marketing compared to other marketing methods?

      1. Social media results can really depend on the business, however the amount of money you spend and communities you are able to build through social media compared to other advertising methods (such as radio, print ads, etc.) can be much more effective. Not to mention we can track everything we do and the return per dollar compared to other advertising methods.

    3. How do you measure results?

      1. For everyone we work with, we have predetermined KPIs that we use to measure success. These are also agreed upon by you before beginning the work. If we are running paid ads, we can also track in more detail the impact and success of our social efforts.

    4. Do you have case studies?

      1. Yes, we do! We have a few case studies you can view here. If you are interested in any other types of results please let us know and we can put something custom together for you.

    5. How quickly can I expect to see results?

      1. If we are implementing community management (organic content), we normally allow 6-12 weeks minimum to see results. If we are working with paid ads, dependent on the budget, we can see results much quicker.

  11. Why do I need social media for my business?

    1. Social media is simply an extension of your brand’s physical presence into the digital landscape. Conversation around your brand or service happen within the walls of social media everyday, doesn’t make sense to position yourself where they are happening so you can engage, interact, and shape them? We think so. The world has moved more and more digital, if you aren’t online, especially with the use of social media, then you are not maximizing the tools needed to position your brand where it needs to be, at the front.

    2. We actually wrote a blog on how social media fits into your marketing mix. Read it here.

  12. Do you have any other resources than your services?

    1. We do! Outside of our normal services we offer clients, we have an array of other ways for you to work with us or learn from us:

      1. Social Media Glossary

        1. UGC? KPI? Not sure what we are talking about? We have a list of terms used in the marketing and social media world so you don’t have to ask someone else.

      2. Blog

        1. Our blog is full of great information to help you succeed on social media.

      3. The Social Club

        1. We love working with small, locally owned businesses and startups, however the people that need us most don't always have the capital to afford to pay for marketing services. Our program is for those who understand the importance of strong marketing efforts but may not have the initial capital to devote to it fully.

      4. The Social Media Toolkit

        1. The Social Media Toolkit is our guide to helping you succeed on social media. The toolkit includes various (all price points) tools for everything you need to be success on social media and make it more time efficient. To gain access to the toolkit, simply enter your email address on the landing page form. The toolkit is updated, at a minimum, every 2 weeks.

      5. Workshops

        1. We teach workshops with various local groups to help you learn social media. Keep up to date with our workshops by following the page or signing up for our email list.

  13. What do you offer?

    1. Our work is exclusively created for and lives within the realms of social media, including the following channels:

      1. Facebook

      2. Instagram

      3. Twitter

      4. LinkedIn

      5. Snapchat

      6. Pinterest

      7. Houzz

      8. Youtube

      9. Vimeo

    2. We are happy to provide information with our trusted partners who offer graphic design

    3. We create content (written and visual - photos, videos, cinemagraphs, gifs, graphics, etc.), schedule and post content, manage paid advertising (for all social media channels as mentioned above as well as Google Ad Words), analytics, work with and contract influencers, social media consulting, strategies, etc.

    4. What is your turnaround time?

      1. All turnaround times are dependant on the client and the project. However, we do have normal turnaround times for the following services:

        1. Social Media Strategy

          1. 2-3 weeks

        2. Community Management

          1. Once a strategy has been created and approved, we normally can begin working on your social channels and actually make posts on your accounts within 4-6 weeks.

        3. Social Media Photography

          1. Once a photoshoot has been held, photos are normally edited and returned within 2-3 weeks.

      2. If a client is in need of faster turnaround times we can most likely make accommodations, however it will require an additional cost.

  14. Why do you only offer social media?

    1. We value the power of specialization. We found, while working as a part of large agencies, that they overextended themselves in an effort to offer everything to clients. This meant that things fell through the cracks as they approached marketing with a “jack-of-all-trades,” approach inevitably resulting in mediocre work. We are incredibly good at what we do and are proud to say that. This only comes from our commitment to our craft and the pursuit of getting better so we can provide you with the best results possible. We specialize to help you achieve your most audacious goals.

  15. What is the Social Media Toolkit?

    1. The Social Media Toolkit is our guide to helping you succeed on social media. The toolkit includes various (all price points) tools for everything you need to be success on social media and make it more time efficient. To gain access to the toolkit, simply enter your email address on the landing page form. The toolkit is updated, at a minimum, every 2 weeks.

  16. What is The Social Club?

    1. There are far too many small businesses and startups out there who fully understand the importance and value of social media, but don’t have the budget to attempt it, so we stepped in and created a program where we offer incredibly discounted prices for our services. If interested check out when the next round of applications go live!

    2. What results have previous businesses in the club received?

      1. Results you ask? The launch of The Social club couldn’t have gone any better. Head on over to the case study of our first inductee, we promise you will like what you find.

  17. Why do I need a social media strategy?

    1. A social media strategy is the roadmap to how your social media efforts should be approached. It is a long-term guide that combines your businesses unique offering, the tendencies of your industry, and the best practices of social media. Each strategy we create is custom to the business and will be the exact formula your business needs for social media success.

    2. What is the value for that much money?

      1. One of our top goals for social media is to market your business and to bring you in more customers. Having the best strategy created and implemented will bring your business more money. It will easily pay for itself, and quickly..

  18. Do you offer classes/consulting for businesses?

    1. Oh you better believe it! We love teaching classes to any and all who want to learn. Classes and consulting can be customized depending on your needs so, drop us a line and we will be sure to make things happen!