Two roosters

Social Club Member: SPRING/SUMMER 2017

- Timeline -


step one: getting to know the business

Two Roosters is made up of simple people, making superb ice cream. "Of course we are biased but we make the best small batch ice cream around. For two years we have roamed around the triangle in our vintage 1965 Ford ice cream truck/trailer selling ice cream and making people smile. We love to partner with other local purveyors to tell their stories with ice cream. Our business is pretty simple: Create incredible ice cream. Have fun. Make people smile. We are opening our first brick and mortar in Raleigh in May 2017 and would love to partner with you guys to put something amazing in to the world." - Jared Plummer

Vision: "This is an ever evolving question. Right now, I want to have three shops in 5 years. We want to create a culture of fun for our team, and a place that when your out of town guests come to Raleigh/Durham and ask "Where should we go for ice cream?" the only answer is Two Roosters.  The question that remains on the forefront of our minds is: HOW ARE YOU DIFFERENT? We seek to answer that with our design elements, our flavor profiles, and how our people treat one another and all our guests. The vision is to have excellence in all of it." - Jared Plummer

Years as a Business: 2 years

Competitors: Local Ice Cream Shops in the Triangle

Top Struggle for Social Media: Staying on top of frequency and having unique posts that stir intrigue. I have so many responsibilities in running the business, that I often miss opportunities to post great information and fun moments from our business.


step two: crafting a social media strategy

When it comes to a social media strategy, we have a very thoughtful approach. For each business we create a strategy for we have to know the business, their customers, their goals, etc. For Two Roosters, we has the following goals:

  1. Increase Sales
  2. Build Brand Affinity
  3. Build Brand Awareness

From those goals, we determined KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), which are the metrics we measure to make sure we will meet our goals.

Our goals determine what the rest of our strategy looks like...because our goals are what's most important. We then analyzed the current social media presence of Two Roosters and their top competitors, which included:

  • The Parlor
  • Andia's Homemade
  • FRESH local ice cream
  • Lumpy's Ice Cream

After the analysis, we created a SwOT chart to determine what our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats are. We recognized opportunity to be:

  • Infuse more creativity within posts
  • Grow a large, loyal community around the brand
  • Create a branded hashtag and grow UGC (user generated content)

What's next in the strategy includes determining what type of content we will create, branded hashtags:


Content activation plan for their "Flavor of the Month", a plan for social media campaigns, a launch plan for the opening of the brick and mortar store, channel plans, paid social ad plan and targeting information, and tools to use.

With the channel plan, we will be utilizing the following social channels and frequency:

  • Facebook: 2-4 posts per week
  • Twitter: 1-5 tweets per day
  • Instagram: 4-7 posts per week

We determined this information by knowing the audience we are targeting, knowing the amount of content that will yield best engagement, and knowing what a reasonable amount of content we can produce.

We are kicking off Community Management soon, so stay tuned to see what we create by following Two Roosters on:


step three: planning

Before diving right in to posting on their social media channels, we wanted to look into the future to make sure we are taking a holistic approach. With the help of the Jared at Two Roosters and our team, we took the following into consideration to create the editorial calendar and to plan out content:

  • Upcoming Events (including their Brick and Mortar Store Opening!)
  • Upcoming Sales & Promotions
  • Holidays - Those weird trending ones and the normal ones everyone is off of work for ;)
  • Trending, Timely Events, and Time of Year
  • Evergreen Content  - This is content that can be used at any time, more general posts

With this information, we were able to craft a content calendar for the 3 months of community management, as well as have a better handle on what visual content is needed for the posts and paid ads that will need to run.


step four: creating visuals

Our next step in the process, was to build up a library of content to use over time. We decided to have the following photoshoots:

  • Studio Shoot
  • Durham Bulls Game
  • Catering Set-Up
  • Event at the Park

Our goal was to create diverse, fun, and engaging content that really told the brand's story. Here are some of the finished images:


step five: ramping up community management

One major part of The Social Club is handling 3 months of community management for the business. We have completed 2 of the 3 months so far. Our efforts have been mainly organic, with a $200 ad spend. Here are our results:


  • Follower Growth: 281
  • Avg. Engagements per Post: 149
  • Avg. Number of Posts per Week: 4


  • Follower Growth: 153
  • Engagement Rate: 5.03%
  • Avg. Number of Posts per Week: 4


  • Follower Growth: 42
  • Engagement Rate: 1.60%
  • Avg, Impressions per Week: 3,686
  • Avg. Number of Posts per Week: 10

step sIX: results & outcomes


With the help of organic content and $434 in paid ad spend, we saw the following across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for the 3 months community management portion of their Social Club package:

*Data reflects May 1, 2017 - July 31, 2017


If you are interested in seeing these types of results for your business contact us or apply for The Social Club