Pamela D Whitaker Consulting LLC


Marketing Proposal 


T h e P r o p o s a l

Website Creation

We will create a Squarespace website including:

  • Custom Domain Purchased

  • Website Template and Design Layout

  • Basic Logo Creation/Brand Identity (with up to 3 revisions)

  • SEO

  • Copyediting content you provide (or content we can start with and expand on)

  • Image curation

    • We can utilize stock images online as well as utilize images you provide. We do suggest a photoshoot to create custom content and a proposal for that can be found below.

One Time Investment: $3,000*

*In addition, we will need to put your card on file with Squarespace, as they charge $16 per month to host the website (or $12 per month if one year is paid in advance).


We would love to hold a photoshoot to gain new headshots and specific content to be used as anchor photos for the website and social media accounts.

  • Total Edited Photos Delivered: 10

One Time Investment: $400

Social Media Set - Up

We will handle the following:

  • Optimization and updates for your personal LinkedIn account

  • Create and optimize a Business LinkedIn Account

  • Create and optimize a Business Twitter Account

  • Create a graphic templates to be sued for future social posts

    • We will utilize Canva so it is easy for you to create graphics with these templates yourself

  • Fore each account we will put up 3-5 posts as “starter” content

One Time Investment: $1,000

Monthly Management

Community Management is the planning, posting, engagement, and reporting of your social media accounts. To maintain an active and relevant page as a company on social media, community management is referred to as an "always on" process to ensure your brand is represented in an appropriate manner, that posts are timely and consistent, customer service issues are taken care of, and your brand is actively engaging with followers and potential customers. In addition, we will create a custom social media strategy.

Channels Included: LinkedIn, Twitter, Website

  • Monthly Blog Writing

    • 2 Blog Posts per Month

  • Google Ad Words

    • We will spend $200 per month on Google Ad Words

  • Content Creation and Posting for LinkedIn (Personal and Business Pages) and Twitter

  • Visual Content (Image Curation - Free Stock Photography + Graphics Creation)

  • Daily Engagement

    • Managing and engaging with users on your social media accounts on a daily basis, with all messages responded to within 12 hours.

    • 10 hours a month total dedicated

  • Daily Optimization and Improvement

  • Analytics and Reporting

    • We will provide a basic analytics report monthly

  • User Tools Included:

    • Loomly

    • Social Insider

Monthly Investment: $1,250