Smashed Waffles

Visual Content Creation

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Smashed Waffles makes fresh, hot waffles from scratch using locally sourced ingredients, with each one smashed and sizzled to golden brown perfection, and topped with homemade toppings. Smashed has two locations and a delivery service, (waffles? delivered? sign us up.) and they wanted to extend their reach to spread the word to the local area about their delicious waffles. 



We helped deliver the secret ingredient that Smashed needed to get more waffles off the presses and into the mouths of hungry customers, by creating a mixture of content just as amazing as their made-from-scratch dough. The types of images and videos that we created showed off their full range of products to the fullest and most delicious.



We organized a few shoots with them to create colorful images set in bold colors to highlight the playful nature of their brand, with a few cheeky stop-motion videos thrown in for good measure. The pics that we produced for their gram received an 18% higher engagement rate than previous photos. A smashing success? We think so.