Social Media Proposal 




A little bit about us

We are a content studio and social media agency. We create content that not only stands out creatively, but speaks to your brand's story and tell's your story in a cohesive, emotional way that will connect with potential customers and current customers. We are here to not only work with you and get the job done, but are a strategic partner in building up your brand and seeing success. We only work with brands we believe in and can support 100%. 

We truly deliver

We will serve as a strategic partner to cover your content and social media needs and provide all the insight and guidance we can as it pertains to the growth, marketing, and of course goals that you and your team have for your brand.

Our approach and process is like no other. We take time to understand your brand, your market, your unique positioning and combine that with our knowledge of social media to craft a strategic plan to set yourself up for success. Once the plan is in place, we will implement by creating content and engaging in ongoing social media management services, including content creation, paid ads, creating organic social media content, and more! Whatever it takes to reach your goals, we will make it happen. 



Our Culture

1. QUALITY & VALUE ARE OF HIGHEST PRIORITY We strive to create value, because that is what people remember.

2. TRANSPARENCY IS KEY We hate red tape, so we've kicked it to the curb and adopted transparency. 

3. DOPE CONTENT + MASTERFUL STORYTELLING We want our content to make people feel. If that is successful, then so are we.


What we value

  1. We are all about relationship building online and off. We take your story and mission to create content to tell that story in an engaging way to reach customers at every point on their customer journey with you as well as the different audiences and affinities with your brand. Not only that, but engaging and talking to customers (and potential customers) proactively (not just waiting for people to come to our content).

  2. Analytics are our jam and everything we create and do, we are looking to hit and exceed our goals and continually learn from what the numbers are telling us.

  3. Strategy is where everything begins. As I mentioned, engagement, content, and analytics are what we are all about, but we start with a strategy. We take a very strategic approach to learn about your brand, determine how to take your brand online, what audiences to target, the best content and channels to utilize, influencer and ambassador programs, etc.

Our Proposal

. . . . .

COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT: The planning, posting, engagement, and reporting of your social media accounts. To maintain an active and relevant page as a company on social media, community management is referred to as an "always on" process to ensure your brand is represented in an appropriate manner, that posts are timely and consistent, customer service issues are taken care of, and your brand is actively engaging with followers and potential customers. 

Channels Included: Facebook and Instagram

Monthly Management Includes:

  • Content Creation

    • Content Calendar

      • Including all written content, curation of images/stop motions, hashtags, post times/dates, and scheduling of all posts.

      • 30 maximum posts per month (across both channels)

      • Providing visual guidance and direction for all photographs (which will be provided by your photographer/team) that will align with our editorial calendar as well as your other marketing efforts.

  • Daily Engagement

    • We will handle daily management of your accounts including responding to DMs and comments, engaging with follower accounts, etc. - all within a timely manner.

  • 10 Hours of Social Listening per Month

    • Social listening includes finding relevant conversations (in your industry) and engaging in conversations in an authentic, organic way - rather than pushing out paid ads and and only waiting for others to find our content we post organically.

  • Analytics and Reporting

    • Basic Weekly Reports

    • In-Depth Quarterly Reports

  • Monthly Strategy Sessions and Content Planning

Investment: $2,000 per month

Initial 6 month minimum contract


Let's Make Magic!

Anna Sullivan