Triad Local First

Social Media Campaign

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Triad Local First wants you to go out to dinner. It’s a restaurant group that works to promote a selection of the best restaurants throughout The Triad. Their ethos is about engaging with the community, so it’s no surprise that they wanted to jump into the social media game to encourage people to get out and eat.



We all love a good food photo, so we created a social media campaign, including the supporting hashtag #LetsEatLocalTriad, in order to encourage people to share the photos they’ve taken of the delicious plates found at Triad Local First restaurants. We ran the campaign, anchored by a video and images curated from the restaurants in their group, for four weeks, but thanks to its success continue to encourage the use of the hashtags in the community.



Triad Local First increased their followers by 79% by handing over the social media reins to us.