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social media package

Exclusive for ACCELERATOR members

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We are a content studio and social media agency who specializes in working with passionate brands. We have an affinity with food and CPG brands who are just getting started and love brining their brand to life on social media. 

Our approach and process is like no other. We take time to understand your brand, your market, your unique positioning and combine that with our knowledge to craft a strategic plan to set yourself up for success on social media. 


A few brands we've worked with


The Package

As you are growing your business and brand within the accelerator we will work with you for 3 months to help get you started on social media and build the brand you want to see!


Startup Social Media Strategy

We will create a startup social media strategy for 2 social media channels to help you get going on social media. This strategy will include outlingin your goals, how to measure those goals on social media, content topics, target audience, tone of voice, posting frequency, and more!


We will conduct one photoshoot to gain product images and lifestyle shots to utilize on your website and social media channels. This photoshoot will delver 30 edited photos.


With this package you will receive a total of 9 hours of consulting time to help you stay on track with social media, cover any training needed, and understanding your social media strategy and how to best implement it.

Paid Ad Campaign

We will utilize the photography taken to implement a paid ad campaign across 2 social media channels over a 4 week period to build brand awareness. This includes a paid ad spend of $400. Upon completion of the campaign, you will be delivered an analytics report that outlines the results as well as what we learned about your audience and the content they like to engage with. 


Total Investment: $2,000

Paid in monthly installments of $500 over 4 months or $400 over 5 months

We do offer the option to customize your package to match your exact needs. Interested in something more? We offer full social media strategies and monthly management. As an accelerator member (or even graduate of the program) we offer 15% off all services.





Learn more by Contacting Anna Sullivan:

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