A litte bit about us...

We are a content studio and social media agency. We are here to not only work with you and get the job done, but are a strategic partner. We believe in your business and are excited as you are about it and all the opportunities that lie ahead. That being said, we will be a strategic partner to cover your content and social media needs and provide all the insight and guidance we can as it pertains to the growth, marketing, and of course goals that you and Visual Country have set your sites on.

Our approach and process is like no other. We take time to understand your brand, your market, your unique positioning and combine that with our knowledge to craft a strategic plan to set yourself up for success on social media. Once the plan is in place, we will implement by creating content and engaging in ongoing social media management services, including content creation, paid ads, creating organic social media content, and more! Whatever it takes to reach your goals, we will make it happen. 






Paid advertising on social media is a great way to get your content in front of a hyper-selected audience in ways that will more effectively help you to reach your goals. With advanced targeting options and analytics, you can easily and quickly optimize your content to how your audience is reacting. This strategy will help you not only utilize your current audience, but find new customers and get them to convert!

What this includes:

  • We will create a paid ad strategy and funnel to be implemented for Facebook and Instagram
  • Once the funnel and strategy is created, we will test the funnel on Facebook/Instagram with a total ad spend of $2,000 over 6-8 weeks to determine winning creative, written content, and audience.
    • We will create everything other than visual assets needed for the ads.

Investment: $4,250* (one time cost)

*Payment plan can be negotiated


Options Once Complete:

To continue running the paid ad funnel, you have the following options:

  • We will continue to run the ad funnels and paid promotions
    • Investment would consist of our time for management, analytic reports, and total ad spend
  • We will assist in consulting with your in house social media manager to assist her in running the ads and optimization
    • Investment will consist of our time hourly per month to assist with training/consulting 
  • You completely take over from there
    • No investment other than your own time and ad spend



Paid ad training and social media consulting


We can provide one on one training with your in-house social media manager to help assist with editorial calendar planning, training on paid advertising, helping understand analytics and utilizing that data, etc. 

We can set up a program to have workshops or make it more casual to work through certain pain-points/topics as they come about.

Investment: $125 per 1.5 hour per in-person workshop/training/consulting



$100 Ad Testing

I would love to test out a spend of $100 on promoting one of your current visual assets (change the written copy) on Instagram and target a cold audience that would be the audience to attract new followers and prospective clients. Since you haven't done too much in the past with paid ads I would love to see what this does for you and who we attract as well as what engagement we see. 

Investment: $100 - solid paid ad spend, no charge for our help/services

Timeline: Anytime


Let's Barter?


I am looking for an office/space to utilize to work in and potentially meet with clients for September and October 3 days a week (weekdays). If interested, we could work together and take off $250 per month for services for a trade for utilizing your space.