Paid advertising on social media is a great way to get your content in front of a hyper-selected audience in ways that will more effectively help you to reach your goals. With advanced targeting options and analytics, you can easily and quickly optimize your content to how your audience is reacting. This strategy will help you not only utilize your current audience, but find new customers and get them to convert!

What this includes:

  • We will create a paid ad strategy and funnel to be implemented for Facebook and Instagram

  • Once the funnel and strategy is created, we will test the funnel on Facebook/Instagram with a total ad spend of $2,000 over 6-8 weeks to determine winning creative, written content, and audience.

    • We will create everything other than visual assets needed for the ads.

  • Our number one goal is to attract new business for Visual Country

Investment: $4,250*


Working with your in-house social media manager

Your Options

. . . . .

  1. Consulting - We can offer consulting on a regular or as needed basis. Depending on what’s needed, we can set up something monthly at a discounted rate. Normally, our consulting is $125 per hour.

  2. Training - We offer a 5 week training course. Learn more here.

  3. Paid Advertising Management - We can work with you and your team to run your paid advertising.

    1. In addition, we could also take on your internal social media manager to help shape the editorial calendar, handle analytics, run paid ads, and just ensure they are doing their job to the best ability.

Hiring us full time

Social Media Strategy and Community Management

. . . . .

STRATEGY: Our Strategy Creation is on a rolling basis for the first 8 weeks of engagement with your company. The first month after a contract is signed, we take time to develop initial strategy and create content prepped to post in month two.  

At the end of the first 8 weeks, your strategy will include*:

  • Goal Definition

  • KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) - The actual measurable we will utilize to make sure we are meeting your goals through our efforts

  • Current Social Media Analysis

  • Competitor Social Media Analysis

  • SWOT Analysis - Defining your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats

  • Audience Identification - Including: Customer Personas, Tone of Voice, Customer Journey

  • Content Approach - Including: Content Ecosystem, Customer Map and Journey, Content Pillars, Branded Hashtags, Content Topics, SEO Keywords, Influencer Efforts

  • Visual Strategy - Outlining the way we produce and display all visual imagery for your social media marketing efforts

  • Content Activation Guide

  • Social Media Campaign Guide + Suggestions

  • Social Media Landscape + Channel Plans - Mapping out what social media channels you should be utilizing and the capacity in terms of organic and paid engagement

*The strategy will continue to be optimized and updated as time passes, as we learn more from your account, algorithms change, etc. 

COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT: The planning, posting, engagement, and reporting of your social media accounts. To maintain an active and relevant page as a company on social media, community management is referred to as an "always on" process to ensure your brand is represented in an appropriate manner, that posts are timely and consistent, customer service issues are taken care of, and your brand is actively engaging with followers and potential customers. 

Monthly Management Includes:

  • Content Creation - Including all written content (visuals must be provided by the client)

    • Limit 17 posts per month

  • Daily Engagement

  • Trending Topic Utilization

  • Optimization and Improvement

  • Analytics and Reporting

    • Basic Weekly Reports

  • User Post Identification

  • Influencer Management

    • We will work with one influencer per month (or on an on-going basis)

  • Paid Ad Management

    • This does not include paid ad spend. However suggested spend per month is a minimum of $750

*Minimum 6 month contract

Investment: We have a monthly minimum of $1,000. However, most clients are spending between $2,250 - $6,000 per mont